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Location, location, location.

Points to consider when scouting for the perfect wedding venue.

  1. How early can the vendors arrive? Florists, caterers, entertainment, & rental companies, need a fair amount of time setting up. It is a good rule-of-thumb allowing all of your vendors two hours of set-up time.

  2. What is the proximity of your ceremony to your reception? You don't want your guests to get lost in traffic between the two locations.

  3. How late can your reception last before you have to close down? Most guests will be ready to part between 10:00 - 11:00 pm.

  4. Is there enough parking for your guests? You may consider valet.

  5. Electricity needs. You may need a generator for added electricity to power your deejay's sound system.

  6. Does your location provide an on-site coordinator? it is a must to have someone manage the ceremony.

  7. Are you planning on having an outdoor ceremony and/or reception? It is pertinent to have a tent of the is a chance of rain. You may also want to rent heaters or a/c.

  8. Does the venue allow for a good flow? You generally want accessible bars and room for a dance floor.

It is always the best option to work with a professional coordinator.

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