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When should I get married?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Before deciding your perfect wedding date, let's take a look at your options.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. This day marks the beginning of an amazing life with the one that you love the most. The big picture is that the day choose to marry, wont affect the love that you have for each-other. However, there is a decision to be made on timing. Listed below are your options, illustrating the advantages and disadvantages of each day of the week.





  • Most of your guests will have the entire day off from work.

  • Typically, they will have the next day off as well.

  • Guests tend to stay longer at Saturday evening reception due to this prime day of the week.


  • Take into account the timing of your ceremony. Some churches have time restrictions and you don't want to have too big of a gap between your ceremony and reception.

  • Being the most popular day to marry, venues fill up fast. You may have to set the day 18 - 24 months in advance.



  • The gap between your ceremony and reception will not be an issue.

  • Some locations offer a daytime discount.

  • All of your guests will be in attendance until the end.


  • For some, it is difficult to loosen up and dance in the daylight.

  • Some venues will have the space booked for that evening, lending no room for a longer than expected reception.





  • Most venues offer Sunday discounts

  • Availability is also a plus. There will be substantially more dates to choose from.


  • Most guests have to work on Monday and will need to depart early


  • Pros & Cons mirror those of Saturday afternoon receptions.





  • Most people will have the next day off and can stay late.

  • As with any evening reception, the ambiance is quite romantic.

  • Vendors and venues may offer a Friday discount.


  • Some of your guests may have to work Friday, placing a time constraint on on your reception.

In the end, any day will be special. Speak with your wedding planner regarding the where and when. He/she knows best.

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